Long Legged Linguistics

For the Art Space Pythagorion, Long Legged Linguistics looks at language as a source of political, metaphysical, even sexual emancipation. At a mere 800 m from Turkey, in Samos, the exhibition addresses the thorny issue of alphabet politics―the attempts by nations, cultures, and ideologies to ascribe a specific set of graphemes (or letters) to phonemes (or sounds) of a given language―with a series of sculptures, installations, textiles, and printed matter.

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Reverse Joy. MDF, tile, water pump, pigmented water, bowl, tile application with black paint, 41 × 241 × 241 cm, 2012.

Through the simple substitution of color, Reverse Joy exemplifies the collective’s commitment to bring together ideas, thoughts, beliefs or voices previously considered mutually exclusive. Some see in the color red the cynical manipulation of blood for political ends – martyrdom, war, etc – while others, i.e. children, see it as a festive jubilant, almost naïve celebration. Photo: Elsa Musame.
ööööööps!. Wall application with fluorescent paint, 2902 × 635 cm, 2013.

Slavs and Tatars’ outdoor work ööööööps! attends to the delicate issue of alphabet changes. Playing upon Arabic’s inability to accommodate the u and o, the outdoor work faces towards the Republic of Turkey with its vowel change presented as equal parts typo, modernist mini-miracle, if not metaphysical mishap. Photo: Orestis Argiropoulos.
Tongue Twist Her. Silicon, polystyrene, MDF, carpet, metal pole, 300 × 245 × 245 cm, 2013.

The pole exchanges its topless dancer for something no less racy: a giant, fleshy tongue twirling around and down the pole, a nod to the 60 odd years of changes in parts of the former-Soviet, Turkophone world from Arabic to Latin to Cyrillic back to Latin. Photo: Orestis Argiropoulos.
Other Peoples’ Prepositions. Glass, steel, led light, 112 × 45 × 45 cm, 2013.

Prepositions are a class of words that explain relationship; though perhaps no preposition is as central to Slavs and Tatars’ cosmology as ѿ [ot], literally ‘from’ in several Slavic languages. Other People’s Prepositions attempts to restore this liturgical indulgence ѿ, combining the Greek omega and theta through a meditation on the preposition’s more carnivalesque implications.
Madame MMMorphologie. Book, artificial eye, blinking mechanism, movement sensor, 100 x 60 x 60 cm, 2013.

Standing in the entranceway, a tall book greets its visitors as a madame. A love story come to life, Madame MMMorphologie winks at her passersby, her long eyelashes linked to the quasi-illicit amorous rapport the book can compel in people. Photo: Kevin Dalferth.

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