Reverse Joy

Reverse Joy looks at the role of mysticism in the perpetual protest movement at the heart of the Shi’a faith for its radical reconsideration of history and thus justice. Inserting oneself, flesh and faith, into the events that transpired 13 centuries ago; the collapse of traditional understandings of time; the reversal of roles of men and women; and joy through mourning all demand an equally elastic and muscular understanding of the sacred and the profane that is the down payment towards any meaningful social change.

Scenarios for Europe (III), 2012, GfZK, Leipzig.
Propositions, 2012, New Museum, New York.
Under the Mountain, 2012, festival for new public art, Jerusalem Season of Culture.
Untimely Stories, 2012, Muzeum Sztuki, 1956 Hungarian Uprising Square, Łódź.

Public intervention, lecture-performance, mixed media

Reverse Joy, public fountain, "Untimely Stories," curated by Joanna Sokołowska and Jarosław Lubiak, 2012, Muzeum Sztuki, 1956 Hungarian Uprising Square, Łódź.
Scenarios for Europe (III), 2012, GfZK, Leipzig.
Reverse Joy (lecture-performance), “Propositions: with Hamid Dabashi”, 2012, New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York.

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