The Naughty Nasals (Show)

The Naughty Nasals identify the nose as an unlikely site of sonorous resistance to the instrumentalisation of scripts, or alphabets. The Ѫѫ (Wielki Jus) and Ѧѧ (Mały Jus) invoke nasal sounds that have disappeared from most Slavic languages but remain as ą and ę in contemporary Polish. As mobile confessionals, they are a testament to one of the lesser known, aborted attempts to Cyrillicize the Polish language in the 19th century. The organs of language represent a distinct zone of libidinal linguistics: the teeth, or lips, mouth, tongue, neck, or ears. The Naughty Nasals look at these erogenous areas as a space of rupture, or break from the norm.

Commissioned by Arsenal Gallery, Białystok.

Big yus (ą), wood veneer, wheels, fabric, foam, dimensions variable, 2014
The Naughty Nasals: small yus (ę), wood veneer, wheels, fabric, foam, dim. variable, 2014
Ligature of big yus (ą), wood veneer, wheels, fabric, foam, dimensions variable, 2014
Ligature of small yus, wood veneer, wheels, fabric, foam, dimensions variable, 2014
Larry nixed, Trachea trixed, screen print on steel, 70 x 50 x 1 cm, 2015

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